Launceston was built in the early 18th century.  In 1767 the magnificent Norman doorway was fitted and originated from the chapel at the castle.  The longroom was described as the largest in the country.
In 1776 Mr Thomas Prockter of 'The Swan' Exeter moved in and described 'The White Hart' as having three banquet rooms and three parlours, being able to make up sixty beds and stable sixty horses with three neat post-chaises with twelve able horses.  The widow of Thomas later became the landlady.
The M.P for Launceston- Mr. Haliburton died on the 27th of August 1865 after a short illness.  One of the honours from Launceston was a bust of himself which was inserted into the fabric of the front of The White Hart Hotel just below the window of the room it is thought he stayed in on his visits to the borough.
The old established hotel was owned by and run by the Miller family for better part of 40 years and was later purchased by The Trust House Ltd.  The Trust House Ltd continued to run the hotel until 1969 when it was acquired by a group of local people.
In 1980 an exhilarated rugby team damaged the White Hart that lays at rest above the entrance.  Two local ladies decided to seek permission to have it repaired.  Unfortunately, one of the ladies then passed away and the animal was out of view until an auctioneer - Mr. John Wakeham, recognised the wounded animal and it was returned to Launceston to be examined.  Then pronounced too ill to be returned to it's station, he was then sent to a specialist - Mr. John Fernn, where the wood carver gave the animal a new neck and head.  The now beautifully restored stag was returned to it's rightful position above the portal of the establishment on Monday the 8th of September 2003 to again regard the activities of Launceston Square.




King Henry Vll fancied a days hunting and took to the New forest.  A noble animal called Albert was selected for the days event.  Albert gave them a full days chase until he finally stopped to rest in a meadow. Just as the dogs were to make their sacrifice the ladies of the hunt spoke forward and Albert was spared.
He was taken to Ringwood, a good collar was placed around his neck and was retired to Windsor to live out his days.  The house of entertainment where the king took refreshment then had it's name altered to that of the white hart.  The name is still retained today.

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